Sensory Feather Newborn Development Toy 2-Pack

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The Yoee Baby Sensory Feather is a simplified version of the Yoee Baby Play Together Toy. Just like the original, it's based on years of research with parents, neuroscientists, pediatricians and other parenting experts. Developed specifically for the professional early childhood development and pediatric care markets, we are now making it available to the general public.

The Sensory Feather is a playful way to interact and engage with baby beginning on day one and helps promote development with touch, sight and sound. It’s a tool disguised as a toy for encouraging the vital serve and return interactions baby’s need to thrive.

Helps promote:

Interactive Play
Body Awareness
Sensory Development
Language Development
Fine and Gross Motor Skills

  • Soft, Feather-Like Tail for Engaging Baby in INTERACTIVE PLAY
  • High-Contrast Colors for VISUAL STIMULATION
  • Crinkle Inside Handle for HEARING DEVELOPMENT
  • Silicone TEETHER