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Yoee Baby Puppy is a baby development toy made of irresistibly touchable fabrics that stimulate baby's senses and make them giggle, smile and coo. It is 5 toys in one - A plush, rattle, teether, developmental and sensory toy that helps promote sensory and language development, body awareness, fine and gross motor skills and makes playtime fun and easy for parents, siblings and caregivers. 

Puppy can be described with one word, heroic. Puppy can also be described with two words, heroic and cool. Look at that face, Puppy is so chill and comforting. He is known as a listener, and Puppy will never interrupt baby. When you tell your baby stories, puppy’s crinkle ears will perk up, listening for those giggles and coos. Internal rattle hand-picked by Jillian after shaking a ton of them. To you and I, the rattles sound similar, but to baby, the right rattle makes all the difference—not too loud, not too soft. Puppy’s tail is soft, long boa. All patterns custom-designed. Pairs well with Kitty. Puppy loves everyone.


  • Interaction and bonding
  • Sensory and language development
  • Body awareness
  • Gross and fine motor skills


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