Can I wash my Yoee?
Yes! Your Yoee Baby is machine washable, but please don’t use a heated setting on the wash or dry cycle. The best way to clean your Yoee is to put it in a zippered pillowcase or lingerie bag and wash it on a COOL DELICATE CYCLE and dry on a NO HEAT SETTING.


What’s the best way to use a Yoee Baby?
Babies love it when you gently caress their head, face, belly, arms, hands, legs, and feet. The crinkle fabrics and rattle inside of a Yoee are another fun way to engage baby’s senses. The teether attached to the base of the toy can be a relief for sore gums. You can also use Yoee baby as a prop to talk to your baby, tell stories and spark language development. There’s no right or wrong way to use your Yoee as long as you and baby are having fun.

What age baby is Yoee Baby made for?
Yoee Baby was made for babies 0 – 18 months, but we’ve found that kids of all ages love to play with a Yoee. Big brothers and sisters can use Yoee Baby to interact with their new baby siblings too.

How is a Yoee Baby good for a baby’s development?
Yoee Baby naturally engages babies in the types of interactions that science tells us they need to thrive. Yoee Baby will make your baby giggle, smile and coo and when you giggle and smile back, that helps to build healthy brain architecture.
Yoee Baby helps promote sensory development, body awareness, fine and gross motor skills, language development, interaction and bonding.

Can a baby sleep with a Yoee Baby?
The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that soft objects should not be introduced into a baby’s sleep environment for the first year of life. To keep your baby safe, please keep Yoee Baby out of the crib and in your play area.


What types of materials are used in the production of a Yoee Baby?
We carefully selected premium plush fabrics that are irresistibly touchable. Our teether is made of food grade silicone and our toys are free of harmful chemicals such as BPA and phthalates.

What type of safety testing has been done on your toy?
Yoee Baby meets the most rigorous domestic and international safety standards. Our testing protocol was designed by one of the leading safety experts in the toy industry and we work with an internationally accredited, third party testing lab to ensure our toys are safe.

What are Yoee Baby dimensions and weight?
Yoee Baby’s are lightweight, easy to pick up and fit conveniently in a diaper bag or purse. Each Yoee Baby weighs about 2.5 ounces is about 12” tall. The handle of a Yoee was designed to fit both big hands and small. 

How and where are Yoee Baby toys made?
When we started this project, we hoped to manufacture in the U.S. We worked tirelessly to find a factory that had access to skilled labor, the right supply chain and the infrastructure to make a high quality, yet affordable, plush product. We couldn’t find a resource that fit the bill so we turned to the experts overseas. Yoee Baby is manufactured in China by a factory that has a long history of making premium, plush baby toys. We chose them based on their high quality work and dedication to making great toys. Our dream is to build a factory of our own and manufacture in our home state of Colorado. Stay tuned for our next Kickstarter campaign!

What is your return policy?
100% no hassle returns. Please read our return policy here

Can you gift wrap my order?
Sure can! Yoee Baby is the perfect baby shower gift or present for a new mom, dad or caregiver. Our wrapping paper is a shimmery silver, perfect for any occasion and it is just $5 to gift wrap your Yoee Baby. Just choose the gift wrapping option on the product page. A gift card and customizable note is included with gift wrapping. 

What will you do with my customer information?
We hate spam as much as you do. We promise never to sell or give away your personal information and will not communicate with you unless you authorize it or there is an issue with your order. If you place an order with us online, your credit information is used for that transaction only and won’t be stored. For full details on how we use your information, please read our Privacy Policy.