Your Baby's Firsts Matter

Yoee Baby is the award winning developmental baby toy that helps you play together from day one. Thoughtfully designed to help you get that first smile, that first coo, that first giggle from your baby. 

Yoee Baby makes it fun and easy to play, connect, and interact with a newborn or young baby in ways that research proves is essential in your baby's first days. 

Use the soft, feather-like tail, crinkle sounds, gentle rattle, soft textures and cute animal characters to stimulate baby’s senses, comfort and soothe, caress or tickle for meaningful, interactive, growth promoting playtime full of giggles, smiles and coos!

Newborn Essentials

Soft as a Feather

Helps Promote

More than a Toy

Adorable little fox. Our newborn loves it. The teething ring is perfectly designed.

Amazon 5 star review

"I got this as a gift when my baby was a month old. She loves it! I love working on my little girl's development and seeing her smile in reaction to it."

-Abby Lathrop Martz

"The Monkey Yoee Baby is awesome! My son and I have a wonderful time playing together with it."

Kristi on Facebook

"Since day one my son has loved his baby fox. The rattle noise catches his attention, he loves the soft tail, it’s easy for him to hold and he chews on the ring on the bottom even though he hates other teething rings. It’s a must have!"

5 Star Amazon Review

"Move over Sophie The Giraffe!"

The Perfect Gift for Parents with a 0-6 Month Old Baby

Looking for something special for a new or expecting parent? Yoee Baby is perfect for new moms and dads and the ideal gift for baby showers.

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